Parent Trustee’s Message

Parent Trustee GOVT. POLYTECHNIC, Bhagur.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

This famous quote attributed to six henry ford remains as relevant as ever in the context of education.

With the same objective in mind the building blocks of our institute Shatabdi Institute of engineering & Research were laid. The painstaking efforts put in by all the team members have laid a strong foundation in establishment of this marvel. The institute has seen light of the day as a result of Faith patience & determination. It is only through perseverance that today we proudly stand as one of the finest institute offering quality technical education.

It is our endeavour to bring students mostly from rural and agrarian background into this mainstream of technical education who are often left out due to paucity of funds. By offering various concessions in fees we practice to reach out to remote locations and bring all meritorious students under one roof education.

We as a parent trustee consider it our duty to meet and fulfil the requirements of all stake holders. As a part of Excellence pursuit we have tried our level best to offer State g-art infrastructure, bus facility Wi-Fi campus and a conducive environment to staff and students to enrich their educational treasure trove

Parent Trustee's Message