Administrative Department

The students must be regular and punctual in their studies and maintain attendance as per SPPU Guidelines.

Students will update themselves with respect to the Academic Notices, Circulars displayed on the Notice Boards as well as on the Institute Website.

Use of Mobile Phones in the classrooms, library, corridors etc is strictly prohibited.

Ragging is an offence. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus.  Any student involved in such activities will be subjected to disciplinary action as per provision of Anti Ragging Act issued by the Government.

In the Campus, students are strictly prohibited from smoking / chewing / consumption of Alcohol anywhere in college premises.

No student will litter and dirty their classroom, corridors and other college premises.

No celebration of Birthday in the classroom.

No running, shouting, screaming, whistling, singing while passing through the corridors.

No student will indulge in fighting, quarrelling, violence, mock fighting, speaking slang words with fellow students.

Students will not sit on the classroom desk, tables, staircases, passageways.

Students will not damage the institute property such as furniture, fans, laboratory instruments etc. If found so, cost of damaged items will be recovered from the students.

All students to conserve electricity and water. They must switch off lights and fans when they leave the classroom, library etc.

Students should observe and practice all Universal Human Moral Values.